Make an investment in your family's future.
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Make an investment in your family's future.

Dear Families:

When shopping for early learning care, cost should not be the biggest factor. Instead, parents’ focus should be on the factors that have a lasting effect on happiness, development and long-term success. These include learning environment, nurturing relationships, positive teaching philosophy, policies and safety.  As some of the proven indicators for foundational individual success, they should be analyzed fully by parents. (See Research Articles: Childhood Program Effectiveness)

Childcare is one of the largest expenses faced by families today. According to the NACCRRA 2010 report, in every region of the United States the average child care fees for an infant were higher than the average annual amount spent on food. Additionally, center-based child care fees for an infant exceeded average annual rent payments in 24 states.

New Discoveries Playschool values early childhood education as a life-long investment. We positioned our program to offer rates that support your family’s plan for long-term educational and financial success. In one year savings range from $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 over other early learning centers for a single enrollment. With our multiple child enrollment discount families save an additional $1,200.00 per year over other high-quality, education programs.  That amounts to a 5 year savings of $10,000.00 to $56,400.00 -that is a savings you can count on! What will your return on investment be? Research from the National Forum on Early Childhood Policy & Programs shows that children, families and society all reap the benefits of early education.

Early education is a smart lifelong investment. Enrolling your children at New Discoveries Playschool means partnering with Moscow's early education leader. It also means additional savings that allow parents to plan for family financial success.
“The latest report found continuing positive long-term effects of high-quality early childhood care and education…  Overall, the study recently documented a return to society of more than $17 for every dollar invested in the early care and education program, primarily because of the large continuing effect on the reduction of crime, increased continuing education and higher wages.  These new figures are a dramatic increase in long-term returns. “  (

As a program dedicated to lifelong success, we look forward to celebrating the many ways that your family will learn, grow and prosper with New Discoveries Playschool.


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Make an investment in your family's future.
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