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Infant Center Programs

Comfortable, Safe, Happy Learning
Read below to learn about each of our infant classes.

These little learners need to be nurtured and we are here to make sure they are. Infants get a great start in life with a high level of peronal care.
0 - 6 months
Sample of Daily Curriculum

  • Tummy time to help learn neck support, help to learn to roll over, help to strengthen upper body strength.
  • Baby yoga & Baby massage relaxes the babies, increases healthy circulation, and improves neural-pathways.
  • Bumbo chair facilitates muscle control to sit independently.
  • Jumperoo/exerciser to help strength leg muscles & for fun energy release.
  • Practice visual tracking with colorful objects.
  • Rattle play to help the baby learn to hold toys, pass the toy between both hands. Fine motor development.
  • Regular singing, reading books, talking to the babies to promote a loving environment, understanding, development and relationships.
  • Tactile experiences include regular painting, bubble play and textured toys .
  • Sign language to help infants learn to communicate.
  • Free play & outdoor play time
  • Cuddle Time.
  • We cater to each individual infants need to help them reach all major milestones.

Starting to become mobile and ready to learn our Climber class is bursting with fun and activity

6 to 12 months
Sample of Daily Curriculum

  • Daily yoga such as the butterfly and downward dog increases healthy circulation, and improves neural-pathways.
  • Beginning practice with colors, shapes, object placement, body parts.
  • Playing musical instruments.
  • Beginner's tumbling such as somersaults.
  • Pretend indoor/outdoor picnics.
  • Dress up, pretend to cook, lay with baby dolls.
  • Practice standing and walking.
  • Building towers, match objects, Flash cards for counting.
  • Sign language.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Walks and outside play.
  • Sing songs and read books.
  • Baking days.
  • Puppet fun.